About us

About Us

infoneTT is a leading provider of global technology innovation services. Located in Wellington, New Zealand, infoneTT employs the finest technology talent in the New Zealand. infonett develops and deploys mission critical enterprise-class products and solutions for the leading sectors in the New Zealand market. 

InfoneTT was founded by Suresh Pratap in 1995 and has assembled a strong leadership team from many companies in New Zealand and overseas. Over the years, the company has grown from an efficient provider of product development services to be the partner of choice in creating competitive advantage for its clients. infoneTT client list includes industry leaders across several domains in products such as workflow system and co-business solutions.

infoneTT has developed a unique software execution model centred on product development best practices, global collaboration, and delivery excellence through process maturity. The company's core competence around enterprise-class product development rigor, permits successful delivery of dynamic project plans in environments with frequently changing requirements. Product development imperatives are deeply embedded in infoneTT's process framework and institutionalised as best practices. infoneTT's process includes a focus on modularity of design, component technology, re-usability, scalability, portability, extensibility, maintainability, and supportability.

infoneTT's ongoing success with leading product developers and enterprise clients has resulted a roster of impressive client relationships, and a cadre of high calibre employees.